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she screams cool
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General MISSY Info
Name: Melissa Ann Noonan
Nicknamed: Missy, Melsa, Misalisa, Misis, Nebachanezar
Age: 13
Gender undecided
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: dark brown
Teeth Color: slight calcium spotage..
Height: 5'0
Acne: check
Weight: check
Shoe Size: 7-1/2
Split Ends? check
Bathes? when nessissary

color- white
movie- Ghostworld
book- Speak
Sex Position- non applicable
Finger- middle one
Clothing Company- non applicable
Flag- Bolivia
Class- homeroom
Shoe- Converse
Food- cheese bagels w/ extra cheese

"Take the oil but leave the whales."
Quote #2-
"Is that a roll of quarters in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"

Missy's views on life-
"I myself am a philosipher but what about me? I'm cool. So cooool. I'm rich. So rich. I'm iced out like a freezer. (<--I'm talking about my bling there..) -as she chokes- What about my favorite television show? Let's talk about Brini. Brini Maxwell. If you have any crap, wait.. SHIT, to say about Brini sai it to my fucking face BITCH! Ripped jeans, BITCH!!!"